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LED Liquor Bottle Display Stand

In the highly-competitive world of selling liquor, you need a way to stand out from the crowd. LED Liquor Bottle Display Stand is a great way to showcase your different types of liquor brands. It grabs the attention of your guests while creating a fun ambiance decor to your bar.

Benefits For Your Business:

● Excellent brand recognition
● Unique advertisement for your brand
● Customized pieces ensure that your bottle glorifier is unique to your brand only
● Increase revenue

Each and every one of our liquor display stand is fully customizable and custom tailored to your needs. You can choose your exact length and color/finish so it works perfectly for your restaurant, club or even your home bar.

We proudly offer a complete line of LED illuminated products including LED Bottle Display Stand, Bottle Tiers that include 2 Tier, 3 Tier and 4 Tier models, as well as LED bottle tier island units.

Products are perfect for use in:

● Bars
● Restaurants
● Nightclubs
● Lounges
● Home bars
● Retail Stores
● Hotels
● Resorts
● Casinos

Material Optionss:

● Acrylic
● Wood
● Stainless Steel
● Plastic

Whether you’re the owner of a small corner bar, a big-time restaurant, a retail store or a hotel, we have the products that you need to give you the lighting display you have been searching for.

There is one thing in common with all nightclub and home bar owners, they all want their liquor display to pop and make an impression! Displaying your liquor bottles with LED lighted shelves will give your back bar that professional look and increase sales. Come visit our gallery for bar ideas and examples of branding with logos.

Step Tier Bottle Glorifiers & Multiple Bottle Glorifiers

The wine and spirits market is a highly competitive one, catering to a broad spectrum of consumers with very discerning tastes. When almost every bottle looks the same, wine makers need to go the extra mile to make their brand stand out. Retail space is often very limited so displays have to be practical and functional. Make sure that your products hit the right note and increase your sales with custom designed wine and spirits POP LED Liquor Bottle Display Stand.

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We manufacture everything in-house, which ensures that your wine and spirits POP Bottle Display Stand meet the highest quality standards, as well as saving you time and money. Raise your customers’ spirits and increase your sales with custom designed wine and spirits POP Bottle Display Stand.

The Steps To Creating Custom Bottle Display

● Decide on the basic type of display you want (floor, counter, wall)
● Make a note of how many different products you want your display to accommodate and the dimensions of each.
● Email or fax a rough sketch of your ideas. We will assist and guide you on any limitations that may arise.
● Our design group will contact you to offer suggestions and pricing options for the production of your custom display. Once a preliminary design is in place we will provide you with a 3-D rendering.
● Your ideas are quickly turned into reality. We manufacture a prototype of the design within 2 weeks, which gives you the opportunity to review our workmanship first hand.


● Low Production Runs – from as few as 100 units
● 3D Design Software – quick prototyping
● Photo Quality Graphics – printed in-house
● Factory Direct – saving time and money
● Flat Packed Units – courier friendly
● Easy to Assemble – full instructions provided

We are confident that you will find our prices very competitive and that we can offer you a wine and spirits POP Bottle Display Stand design that is totally unique to your company.

Bring Your Bottle Display Ideas to Life Today

Do you have a vision in mind for your branded retail beverage bottle display? Parkway Display can make it happen. Our structural design and manufacturing team is available to assist through every step of our in-house process. Get your free estimate today, or contact us with any questions!