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Simple Process

Simple Process

Production Capabilities

● Vacuum Formed Plastics and Fabrication
● Injection & Rotational Moulding
● Screen Printing
● Print Graphics
● Distortion Printing
● Wood Fabrication
● Acrylic Fabrication
● Cardboard Fabrication
● LED lighting and Digital Media Integration
● Cabinetry

Manufacturing processes

Plastics: vacuum forming, thermo forming, solvent welding, flame polishing, cnc routing, engraving

Wood: cnc routing, carpentry, natural timber, laminates, melteca & melamine, MDF and lacquer paint

Printing: digital printing, silk screening, hot foil stamping


Advisors for Successful Retail Display Strategy

Most point-of-purchase decisions are made in less than five seconds? To ensure that you attract consumer attention to drive your retail sales, you need display experts who understand the power of natural attraction. We listen carefully to our clients to make sure we help them achieve brand objectives with great advice. By involving us early in the planning stages, you can devise a strategy that will maximise your below-the-line budget, and increase product sales.

Creation starts with a great concept design that achieves the impact you want. All presentations include our highly regarded photo realistic images. During this stage we achieve efficiencies through value engineering, creative optimisation of materials choices to budget and production methods using the latest technology.

From approval of concept we proceed to working drawings & prototype. Our design team create DXF files that are sent directly to our laser, press brake and multi-cam CNC router. Our prototyping process allows review, testing, and refining of your displays’ design to ensure that your custom display mirrors your point of purchase strategy.

Through proper project management and ongoing quality control, POPAI Global ensures that production exactly replicates the prototype. Our state-of-the-art and sophisticated machinery cut and shape the various materials for our skilled staff to begin fabrication of the finished prototype.

Project Management Services
The key to an effective merchandising campaign is attention to detail – from conception to completion. We will guide you through the design, manufacture, distribution and maintenance of your solutions to ensure the entire project is handled in the most straightforward, cost-effective way possible. We have successfully completed many installation projects, national or global roll-outs and campaigns with unique requirements – all while ensuring you receive a product that meets your specifications, budget and time frame.

Logistics, Packing, Installation and Warehousing
At POPAI Global, we understand that your display solutions don’t finish with the manufacture of a completed product. That’s why we offer an end-to-end solution including access to warehousing, hand-picked national and international freight suppliers.