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Custom LED Light Box Displays

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Parkway Display is a leading LED light box display manufacturer. We manufacture light box signs, acrylic LED sign frames , illuminated graphics holders, neon light box signs, LED illuminated motion signs, animated LED signs. All our products are made with high quality raw materials and subjected to rigorous quality control measures to ensure that only the best reach our customers. We prioritise Safety, Quality, Short lead time and Reasonable prices so that our customers will not have anything to worry as they buy from Parkway Display.

Display an eye-catching advertising sign or add unique, conversation starting artwork or graphics to your business, restaurant, lobby, office or home walls with the Acrylic LED Light Box Display. This photo and artwork frame features built-in LED lights behind a clear, protective acrylic frame that showcases a custom printed backlit poster with a gloss finish. The LED lights make the graphics on the gloss backlit poster impossible to miss anywhere you hand the acrylic light box.

LED Light Box Displays

Custom LED signs make the best state-of-the-art address light box cabinet signs, attractive advertising boards, and affordable commercial and business LED signs. LED light boxes are an energy efficient type of signage, and can boost your custom graphics with bright colors.

Custom light signs require little maintenance and have a long lifespan. The graphics can be easily updated, continuing to capture the attention of potential customers with fresh designs.

LED Illuminated Motion/Animated Signs

The LED illuminated motion sign can provide a variety of animated effects to attract attention. Standard single layer LED signs can be upgraded to a motion display simply by adding a controller to the in-line switch. This is an inexpensive way to add very basic animated effects to the entire overall unit in forms of pulsing, blinking, fading, heartbeating, flashing, or flickering.

Neon Light Box Signs

Neon Light Box Signs – still perfect for bars, pubs, and home decorations – give a retro vibe to an establishment. And neon light signs are making a big comeback for the modern lifestyle. They’re prominently used in restaurants, pubs, and bars to invoke a nostalgic and comfy atmosphere.