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POS & POP corrugated Displays for promoting your product – Custom Designed Temporary Merchandising & POP Displays

As a retail entrepreneur, you should understand the essence of contemporary approaches in tapping into consumer motivators and shopper enticement so as to increase your bottom line by attracting buyers. Alluring product and service displays tap into impulsive purchasing habits and pushes shoppers to buy products because of their attractive nature. The ever-increasing focus on the deployment of cleverly crafted cardboard display units has shown that this modern approach to marketing is indeed working by netting more instinctual buyers who respond to beautiful product promotional presentations. Ideal POP retail cardboard display stands should not only make visually appealing presentations, but they should also make good use of space. This implies that POP display units should give your business optimum retail space.

Merchandising Displays Showcase

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    Cardboard Floor Display Stand

  • Cardboard Hook Displays

    Cardboard Hook Displays

  • Cardboard Dump Bin

    Cardboard Dump Bin

  • Cardboard Counter Display

    Cardboard Counter Display

  • Cardboard Sidekicks Displays

    Power Wing / Sidekick Displays

  • Cardboard Pallet Display

    Cardboard Pallet Display

  • Show Cards and Standees

    Show Cards and Standees

  • Cardboard Display Boxes

    Cardboard Display Boxes

At POPAI Global, we provide you with inventive and distinct POP cardboard display designs!

However, cardboard counter displays are not always an easy find. Many businesses simply settle for poorly designed POP displays that may not captivate your customers, resulting in loss of sales and profits. We, at POPAI Global, can provide you customizable cardboard pop display boxes to suit your needs and lend you the best marketing support for the following reasons.

Getting perfect display units for your retail business is a challenge because most retailers do not have a keen eye to seek for properly designed display units. We at POPAI Global provide you with custom printed logos; brand, product, and company information on your custom displays and this improves your micro-targeting of prospective customers. Our client-specific POP cardboard display units are a viable choice of an efficient way to engage passing shoppers and a true way to stand out from the marketing noise on retail floors. POPAI Global oversees the creation of superb designs and prototypes that give you the ideal display and here are reasons why you should consult us for help.

Inventive POP Cardboard Display Designs

POPAI Global employees are focused on presenting to your novel and appealing cardboard display designs. Our skilled team uses its creative ability to design POP cardboard display units, which can help you in effectively marketing your merchandise to the consumer. These innovative designs are attention-grabbing and they help get your consumers attention while in your retail shop. POPAI Global’ uses different colors and graphic designs, which assist in improving the unique ability of your brand to stand out from the rest of the competitors.

Our skilled designers make sure that your merchandise gets the best perception within your market niche, and thus enticing more prospective consumers to buy your products. Our wide and varying expertise and long-term service in the industry allow us to serve various business types including clothing stores, food stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and electronic shops as well as any other type of business that may require the innovative customization of POP cardboard displays that suit their retail market needs.

Do you happen to be a retailer who carries out regular product promotional bids? If your answer is yes; then rely on us and we will offer you our knowledge and skills in marketing, which will help drive up your sales.

Benefits of our corrugated POS & POP Display product range
● High product visibility
● Increased product sales
● Enhance brand impact at POP
● Fully recyclable & easy to assemble

High-quality Display Units

At POPAI Global, we use high-quality material to fashion your POP Cardboard display units. Though cardboard materials are perceived as being weaker than other types of material, our blending and structural engineering ingenuity allows us to produce long-lasting and durable structures, which can bear the wear and tear on the retail floor, which is characteristically high because of the high in-store traffic and movements. The quality of our products also ensures that they can help reveal kinds of service and products you offer as well as the brand details and logo.

Expense-free set up of your display units

Our display marketing solutions are also cost-saving because you will not need to assemble them on site. This helps reduce your business expenses. The structures are already complete and assembled once delivered and you could go ahead and position them appropriately and fill them up without much ado. The process is not technical and there is no need for additional expertise. Therefore, it is a simple DIY process that will save you money and time. As a retailer, you need a dependable partner who can live up to their end of the bargain and this is where POPAI Global comes in to deliver prompt and reliable service and product delivery.

If you truly need to connect with your target shoppers to improve their in-store and brand experience while bettering sales call us today to begin your novel promotional bid.

With us,you are in safe hands!

Production Workshop

Production Workshop

corrugated Displays for promoting your product
Kinder Chocolate Cardboard Display Stand Production Workshop

Kinder Chocolate Cardboard Display Stand Production Workshop

Kinder Chocolate Cardboard Display Stand Production Workshop

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POS Retail Cardboard Display Stand Production Workshop

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