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Brife Introduction about Custom Acrylic Lipstick Display Stands

Custom acrylic lipstick display stands are popular display equipment in cosmetics stores. They are also called as lipstick display racks, lipstick organisers, etc. Custom lipstick display is normally designed and produced according to your product feature, your marketing demand and your specific request. The custom lipstick display manufacturer may also give you their professional advice to create better cosmetics display stands for you.

How can I choose the structure of custom lipstick stands?

The structure choosing should consider according to your product feature and application demand.

For example, if you want to display many lipstick on the stand, the size of the lipstick stand will be large. Then you can choose a floor standing display stand.

If you want to promote your hot-sale/new lipstick, then you may choose a custom counter lipstick display.

If the lipstick need to be seen from any direction, then you can choose a four-sides display stands or a rotatable display stands.