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POS Retail Electronic Display Solutions

Benefits of Using Electronics Retail Display

Make Your Electronics Stand Out & Shine Your products have the ability to stand out when using electronics retail displays. These types of displays easily attract customers to the electronic product. The display features durable, strong acrylic material that will stand up to wear and tear from daily store use. The displays are resistant to scratches, dents and damage. This …

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Cardboard Hook Displays

Achieve Retail Success with POP Retail Displays

Create the Perfect Custom Retail Display to Attract Customers Customers are naturally attracted to eye-catching, bold and beautiful displays. By customizing your display, you are able to tailor it to the product you are promoting. This is perfect for reaching a target audience. Our custom retail displays make it easy to reach your desired audience. We have endless customizable options …

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POP Retail Store Counter Top Display Rack

Craft an Impactful Retail Experience with Custom POP Displays

The Importance of Custom POP Displays Custom POP (point of purchase) displays are a great way to attract customers to a particular product. Custom POP displays are tailored to your specific request. For example, if you want to create a custom display for a product, we are able to complete this request for you. Custom POP displays are essential for …

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Wooden POS Retail Display

Using Custom Retail Display to Increase Sales

The market has been very competitive throughout the last decades, making you consider ways to increase sales. One of the best ways to drive sales is to make use of custom retail displays. Using them allows you to showcase what you have to offer, setting you apart from the competition. Additionally, custom retail displays help draw customer attention to specific …

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POSM Retail Acrylic Cosmetic Display Stand

Increase Retail Stores and Retail Sales with Cosmetic Display Stand

The Importance of Cosmetic Displays Cosmetic POP (point of purchase) displays have the ability to completely revamp your cosmetic products. The displays attract customers to your product and showcase the main benefits of the product. It is very important to know your target audience, the type of product, the benefits and sizing of the display. All of these factors combine …

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POS Forex Board Counter Displays Stand Racks

How to Create an Effective Retail Display Design

The Importance of Retail Displays Retail displays have the ability to transform your store. They provide eye-catching, bright and colorful designs to your customer base. POP displays are also known as “point of purchase” displays. They have the unique ability to enhance your sales by using strategic marketing strategies. The use of POP displays is a great way to sell …

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LED Light Illuminated Display Stand

5 Huge Benefits of Using a LED Light Illuminated Display Stand

A LED light illuminated display stand is probably the best way to advertise your business and sell your products. In advertising, these LED-powered display stands are considered to be just perfect to catch users’ attention by using both graphics and illumination. This modern product can certainly make your brand stand out from the rest, enabling you to quickly capture the …

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custom store fixtures

Top Benefits of Using Custom Store Fixtures in 2020

At the moment, most physical stores are still closed due to the COVID-19 threat. However, soon enough, more and more states in the US or countries worldwide will open up their borders and will put an end to the lockdown. That’s when business owners should expect an unprecedented flow of customers to their physical stores. When your shoppers come, you …

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POP Retail Display

5 Tips for Designing an Exceptional POP Retail Display

POP (Point of Purchase) displays represent an excellent addition to your product marketing strategy. If properly designed and positioned, custom POP displays can dramatically increase product sales and can enable you to outsell your competitors. Here are 5 tips to help you design and set-up and exceptional POP Retail Display that sells like crazy. 1. Make sure your Understand your …

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Acrylic Watch Display Stand

Unique Best Acrylic Watch Display Stands

Display stands are an essential part of every business set up. Without them, you would not get the attention of the customers as much as you should, and you could end up losing the loyalty of your return customers. The stands are one of the best ways to rise above your competition. While there are many different types of stands, …

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POS Cosmetic Display Solutions

Acrylic Cosmetics Display Stands that Drive Retail Sales

If you have a cosmetic store, then you are already using or is thinking about buying an acrylic cosmetic stand. These stands help you to display the products you’re selling to your customers to make selection easier for them. They also ensure that you find whatever product you need easily, which further helps prove your efficiency to your customers. Even …

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Cardboard Retail Floor Display Stand

POP Displays Bringing Value To Marketing

Product display units or stands can grant your merchandise the visibility it requires, to influence sells. This can be achieved using point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) display units, which are essential promotional tools for any retail environment. POPAI-Global provides a full spectrum of POP and POS display solutions to retailers by partnering with them in the …

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