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Quicken Your New Merchandise and Clearance Sales Using POP/POS Dump Bin Displays

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Just like the name suggests, cardboard POS and POP dump bin displays are a type of display units made in a structure akin to conventional dump bins used for garbage storage. These display structures are ideal for indoor and outdoor free-standing displays that successfully help in the launch of new merchandise or the clearance of old inventory. Their major allure lies in their ability to create a casual appearance that often tempts consumers to take a look. This appearance often originates from the fact that these display units are commonly associated with cheap and discounted promotional merchandise or clearance sales of stagnating stock. This casual look and its temptation, coupled with ideas of getting low-cost products often increase impulse purchases that drive retail sales to new high levels. Additionally, their relatively cheap price makes dump bins the ideal solution for promotional campaigns, clearance sales, and any indoor or outdoor sales event.

Why choose dump bin display structures?

POP/POS dump bin displays are easy to fill and refill, and this makes the work of your retail floor employees manageable. In addition, they are free-standing and flexible. As such, they can be assembled with ease on the retail floor. This convenience allows easy positioning on any site on the floor, and a 360-degree view by shoppers. These units are also made from tough material, which is capable of surviving the wear and tear that characterizes most busy retail environments. The significant surface area on these structures provides a perfect surface for graphics used, in order to improve brand and product visibility and awareness as well as the presentation of product and company information. All these features help in attracting shoppers to products and thus improving product profile, awareness, visibility, and impulse sales. By presenting your retail merchandise using high-quality POS/POP dump bins, you improve your competitive edge against your competitors.

Dump bins are also easily movable within retail spaces and they thus allow re-positioning in high traffic areas. Their free-standing nature also implies that they can even be used outdoors to assist in improving the sales of slow-moving stock or clearance stock.

Customization of POP/POS cardboard dump bin displays

Our experienced and professional team designs and produces virtually all kinds of POS/POP dump bin display units. We also provide shipping and on-site assembly and product-filling services. We customize dump bins of varying sizes and shapes, which can suit your available floor space or product types. Our customization services are budget-friendly, and they lead to the production of top-notch products. The internal quality control systems set up at our facility guarantee efficient product quality control and the fulfillment of your needs and order specifics at all stages of production.

POS Retail Cardboard Dump Bins

POS Retail Cardboard Dump Bins

POS Retail Display Dump Bins Solutions

Retail Cardboard Dump Bins

We deliver dump bin units in flat packed’ orders, which reduces your shipping and storage costs. The assembly process is quick and easy, as it requires no technical knowledge. With our expertise and many years of service in this industry, we have the tools, experience, and professionalism necessary to successfully custom-design and manufacture any dump bin displays that suit your needs.

Buy POS/POP cardboard dump bin display structures today to quickly clear old stock and help the sales of your new retail merchandise to soar!

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