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5 Huge Benefits of Using a LED Light Illuminated Display Stand


LED Light Illuminated Display StandA LED light illuminated display stand is probably the best way to advertise your business and sell your products. In advertising, these LED-powered display stands are considered to be just perfect to catch users’ attention by using both graphics and illumination. This modern product can certainly make your brand stand out from the rest, enabling you to quickly capture the attention of passerby and promote your desired message.

You can now leverage the power of technology and stay ahead of the competition using the most innovative LED light illuminated stands. If you’re not convinced that they work, below are 5 huge reasons why LED advertising screens are the real deal in 2020.

1. Feature Bright Displays Perfect for Grabbing Attention

By far, the most impressive benefits of these modern devices is the use of bright displays that can draw attention. The pixel-rich display can showcase slideshows with your products or services, enabling the passerby to immerse themselves into a unique world. The dynamic, bright display works perfectly for any type of event, from college & business fairs to festivals, point-of-sale or retail marketing.

Compared to traditional billboards that come with a few light bulbs, these modern display screens display a vivid, high-contrast content that will grab the attention of your prospect right away.

2. Wide Range of Content Opportunities

Because these devices are connected via WiFi to a laptop, computer, or tablet, you can easily change the message based on the needs of your audience. You can use the same device at various events and presentations, displaying unique slideshows, videos and images you have prepared beforehand for that unique event. All you need to do is to upload your content on the cloud and then access it with the display’s own credentials.

3. Complete Control of what you Display

This is yet another benefit of using a LED light illuminated display stand. You can offer any type of information you want, without having to adhere to certain rules imposed by others.

4. Low Maintenance

Maintaining one of these devices is quite cost-effective. Digital billboards are quite resistant to long-term damage. Conversely, traditional billboards include light fixtures and vinyl, which are materials difficult to handle. The modern LED technology lasts longer in time and is much easier to maintain.

5. Longer Life Expectancy

While the average fluorescent light can last around 10,000 hours, LED lights last up to 50,000 hours. LED lights can not just last longer in time, but they can also withstand the test of time better. When they start to fail, they only get dimmer, but they still continue to work. On the other hand, fluorescent lights stop working altogether. Expect your LED light illuminated display stand to last much longer than its previous models and to better withstand the test of time.

Bonus – More Environmentally Friendly

The last benefit of using LED light illuminated display stands is that they come with a lower carbon footprint due to the lower power consumption and better materials used. This device does not contain mercury, which is the case of fluorescent light tubes, and it also lasts longer in time.

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