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Craft an Impactful Retail Experience with Custom POP Displays


The Importance of Custom POP Displays

Custom POP (point of purchase) displays are a great way to attract customers to a particular product. Custom POP displays are tailored to your specific request. For example, if you want to create a custom display for a product, we are able to complete this request for you. Custom POP displays are essential for attracting buyers to a product. There are many different uses of custom POP displays. For example, if you are selling a vacuum cleaner, you may want an interactive display that showcases the benefits of the vacuum. If the vacuum is cordless and rechargeable, this should be mentioned on the display. POPs can be colorful and eye-catching. Many POPs feature different shapes and sizes to catch buyer’s attention as they are shopping.

Tips for Creating a Custom POP Display

The first tip for helping us to design your custom POP is to select the specifics of your display. We only use high-quality materials and ink for your display. We ensure it will last and hold up to daily use.
PVC Board Table Top Display Rack

PVC Forex Board POP Displays

Using forex board is a great option for sturdy displays. The material is durable and strong enough to hold products. The display is lightweight which allows for movement around the store. It is important to select a display that can be easily moved by employees when needed. Forex board is a resilient material that can be used indoors and outdoors. This material even resists water and moisture, which is ideal for outdoor use. There are so many benefits to using a forex board for your next custom POP display.


Choosing the right size is very important for your display. You want the display to be perfectly situated in your store- not too big or too small. If the display is too small, your customers will not notice it. If the display is too big- it will overwhelm the store and take away from the product. We create the perfect sized display for your store. There are preset sizes to select from including 1,2,3,5 and 10mm.


Our printing techniques are top of the line. This means we create the best designs possible for your display. We use 3D graphics and high-quality ink for clear and colorful images. We understand that visuals have the ability to promote purchases. Customers enjoy bold and clear visuals. This is why we take pride in our design techniques. Our colors are 100% resistant to fading. This makes our displays suitable and ideal for year-round use.


We complete the entire process of your custom POP design in-house! As a result of this, we guarantee our service. We do not outsource our work elsewhere. We complete it from start to finish and provide you with the best POP display on the market. Our specialists are trained and understand the basics of POP displays. We have created countless displays for major retailers in the past. We are committed to your POP display. From initial measurements to final product, we customize your product displays.

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