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How to Create an Effective Retail Display Design


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The Importance of Retail Displays

Retail displays have the ability to transform your store. They provide eye-catching, bright and colorful designs to your customer base. POP displays are also known as “point of purchase” displays. They have the unique ability to enhance your sales by using strategic marketing strategies. The use of POP displays is a great way to sell more product than your current competitor. Retail displays completely transform the look of your products and welcome more customers into your store.

Retail display manufacturers have the ability to create displays that will boost your sales and attract more customers. Retail display manufacturers provide you with custom retail displays for your store. It is very important to select the best display by incorporating the following tips.

How to Receive the Best Retail Display from Manufacture

The first tip for receiving the best retail display is to understand exactly who your audience is. In order to create the best display possible, you must know who you are selling to. For example, are you selling to women, men, children or families? Once you understand who you are selling to, you can create the perfect retail display. Some displays can feature bright colors while others can feature neutral colors. The main goal is to appeal to your specific audience. For example, if your audience is mothers, it is important to create a display that uses graphics and colors that appeal to them. Understanding your audience is key.

The second tip is to keep all of your displays at appropriate eye level. For example, you do not want your display to be too low or too high, as that will prohibit your customers from viewing it. You want to keep displays at a convenient eye level. The more details you can give to the manufacture, the better your display will be.

The third tip is to always use attractive colors and interactive displays. The goal is to attract as many customers as possible to the display. For this reason, it is very important to use large signs and details. For example, if your product is featuring a sale of “20%,” it must be clearly stated. Another example of this is bulk discounts. For example, “buy 3 get 1 free.” There are countless options that can be used to help the manufacture create the best display possible. As stated previously, the more details you provide the manufacture, the better your POP display will be.

The fourth tip is to create POP displays that go with the theme and size of your store. For example, you do not want a display that is too large for your store as it will detour customers. You want POP displays that work well and blend with the other elements of your store. Some examples of this include proper floor display size. The options include counter display and side wing display. Each type of display offers unique features. The main goal is to select the most attractive and eye-catching display possible to boost product sales.


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