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Achieve Retail Success with POP Retail Displays


Create the Perfect Custom Retail Display to Attract Customers

POS Retail Illuminated Display Stand
Customers are naturally attracted to eye-catching, bold and beautiful displays. By customizing your display, you are able to tailor it to the product you are promoting. This is perfect for reaching a target audience. Our custom retail displays make it easy to reach your desired audience. We have endless customizable options that will attract the attention of your target market.

Our custom displays are available in 5 different models. We guarantee our quality and ensure you receive only the finest craftsmanship. The following models are explained with their uses and benefits below.

PVC Forex Displays

Forex displays are sturdy and reliable. They are perfect for retailers that need versatility both indoors and outdoors. Forex boards are very lightweight. Lightweight displays are essential for easy transport. The display can be moved by employees without assistance. Forex boards are guaranteed to resist moisture as well as normal wear and tear. Forex displays will last even with regular customer interaction. You can restock these displays without ever worrying about breaks or tears.

Acrylic Displays

Acrylic displays are suitable for all products- from wine displays to sunglass displays. They are very durable, scratch-resistant and dust-proof. Acrylic displays are more durable than glass displays. Acrylic is very shinny and smooth, which adds to the appeal of the product. Customers are likely to make purchases when presented with an organized and beautiful display. This is why presentation is key. Acrylic helps presents the “wow” factor to your product. Their versatility and lightweight construction make them ideal for many different retail environments.

Cardboard Displays

Cardboard displays are great for a variety of reasons. First, they are easy to ship and set up. Secondly, our cardboard is inspected and tested for durability. We ensure your cardboard display will withstand daily wear and tear.

Wooden Displays

Wooden displays are extremely effective for marketing eco-friendly products to consumers. If your target audience is environmentally-conscious customers, you will benefit from wooden displays. Wooden displays feature earthy tones that compliment natural and organic products. Natural and organic products stand out on wooden displays and strongly encourage sales. This is especially important for customers that tend to purchase based off impulse.

LED Illuminated Displays

LED displays are bold and prominent. LED displays can transform the aesthetic of a product and put emphasis on it. The lighting on the LED display attracts customers to the product. The LED lights also highlight the features of the product for the customer. Our LED displays are perfectly designed to illuminate the product’s brand and logo. This increases the product’s visibility. The LED display uses soft and comforting ambient brightness to attract customers without harsh lights. The display is energy-efficient and does not use large amounts of energy for the LED lights. The display highlights the features of the product seamlessly with LED lights from all angles.


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