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Acrylic Cosmetics Display Stands that Drive Retail Sales


POS Cosmetic Display Stand
Clear Lipstick and Makeup Organizer Counter DisplayIf you have a cosmetic store, then you are already using or is thinking about buying an acrylic cosmetic stand. These stands help you to display the products you’re selling to your customers to make selection easier for them. They also ensure that you find whatever product you need easily, which further helps prove your efficiency to your customers. Even if you don’t have a store, a cosmetic stand can sill be a great product that you use to keep all your products appropriately organized at home. The different types of stands that are available makes it easier for you to select the one that will suit your space most. You still need to be careful about the brand and the other features of the stand.

Product variety

At Parkway Display, we have a wide range of stands that can be used for different types of products. We have box display cases as well as crystal clear ones, among others, for the display of sunglasses. We also have countertop and stand displays for watches. If you’re selling electronic gadgets, then you’ll find our stand and rack displays useful for the different types of products you have. We try to be inclusive with our products, and that’s’ why we also have different types of jewelry displays that stand for our clients. Whichever display you need, we have you sorted.

Display variety

POSM Retail Acrylic Cosmetic Display StandAnother reason why you should buy our stands is that you have the option of personalizing them. We understand that your business is essential, and we need you to succeed. This is why all our acrylic cosmetics display stands, and others have space where you can put your business name or logo to give it the personal touch and have your clients feel more connected to you. You can customize the stand, depending on where you want to place it. The different types can be placed on different parts of the store. Such as the walls for those who have limited space on the countertops or shelves. There are also rotatable, and static stands that you can pick depending on your store setup

Added help

Sometimes choosing the right structure for your display can be challenging. This is why our expert team gives you professional advice to help you make the best choice that will improve the visual appeal of your store and impress your customers. We will consider several factors when giving you professional advice such as the type of product you want to display, the quantity of the products, and the kind of display you’re going for. If you wish for an all-rounded display, then the rotating stands will be perfect, and if you’re going to attract attention to some new products in your stock, then the branded acrylic cosmetics display stands will be better.


The cosmetic stands we provide aren’t just meant to serve you for a short time. We aim for high quality to ensure that you get your money’s worth by giving you stands that you’ll use for at least five years. All you have to do is maintain them by cleaning them occasionally, and you’ll have a head-turning display that will attract more customers to your stores.

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