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Elegant Promotional Cardboard POP Display Boxes and Floor Standing Display Units


Elegant Promotional Cardboard POP Display Boxes and Floor Standing Display Units
In virtually all retail environments, the items you display for sale are always surrounded by competing products. As such, it is ideal to ensure that your products grab the most attention by making their displays eye-catching. The perfect approach to developing a popular brand image, which has the potential to trigger consumer purchases is by employing the effective use of floor or free standing display cardboard units and cardboard point of purchase (POP) display boxes, which help maximize the promotion of products.

What are Floor/Free Standing Display Units?

Floor Standing Display Units The free-standing display units abbreviated as FSDUs are stands made from cardboard, which can be fashioned into different shapes and colors. The ability to promote products can be enhanced through bright and beautiful graphics, which help in increasing brand awareness and attracting buyers. FSDUs are a cost-effective choice because cardboards are affordable, and strong enough to bear rough handling, which may occur in a retail environment.

As the name denotes, these units are standalone displays that require no props. As such, they can be positioned at virtually all points within the retail environment. They are also ideal because they can offer a 360-degree view and consumers can go round them while sampling and viewing products. These units are also ideal as a marketing, branding, or advertising tool because they provide ample surface areas for graphics aimed at advertising or promoting products. In addition, they can be custom-made to suit any design, color, shape, height or any other specifications required.

Why go for Custom FSDUs?

• They are lightweight and affordable.
• Easy and fast to assemble
• Customizable to carry promotional content (pictures and text)
• Increase product visibility, attract attention, and maximize brand awareness at the POP
• Durable and able to withstand rough handling and they can hold a wide variety of products
• They can be used to hold different products. For instance, they can be designed to have pockets, shelves, tiers, hooks, podiums, or bins, which allow for the holding of different types of products.

If you make direct purchases of your FSDUs from us, you will get value for your money because there are no middle-man fees for resellers. All you need to do is contact our customer care department, and they will take your ideas and turn them into custom FSDUs through our design development and production team.

What are cardboard POP display boxes?

cardboard POP display boxesCardboard POP display boxes are display box-like units, which make ideal countertop displays because they can be placed on countertops at the point of purchase. Alternatively, they can be designed for hanging different kinds of placement. We customize the cardboard POP display boxes using various color schemes and eye-catching graphics using digital technology, which is versatile enough to deliver beautifully branded boxes that increase product awareness and help market their contents. Our professional design team can customize these boxes to suit the brand image that you desire, and reach your target audience, which is highly likely to get captivated by the boxes and the contents displayed.

Our customization services are available for you regardless of your industry or niche. In fact, we tailor-make such boxes for many industries, which include clothing stores, electronic shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and bookstores – just to mention, but a few. We use affordable materials and models, to produce pocket-friendly cardboard POP display boxes and customizable designs that befit your desires and needs. Our innovative and unique designs can help your business and products to stand out from the crowd and most importantly, increase the sales.

We taste our products to ensure they are suitable for their intended use; our units are durable enough to handle substantial wear and tear within the retail environment. Additionally, we ensure the boxes exhibit your products with colorful graphics that prominently display your logo, and company and product details. You need no installation or setup costs because the units come ready-made and ready for positioning at ideal points at the POP.

Get in touch with us

Make your retail business and brands stand out from the crowd by reaching out to us today to get insightful design and customization ideas, which will grant you exceptional FSDUs and cardboard POP display box designs. Don’t be left behind!

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