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5 Ways to Increase Your Store’s Sales Conversion Rates Using Retail Cosmetic Displays


Coupled with stiff competition, the rapid change in consumer consumption trend has made it difficult for retailers to keep up with the market demands in the cosmetic industry.

Good news is that the market rewards retailers who are on top of their game in responding to market trends and tastes. The real battle is won in the stores, and that’s why we are equipping you with these 5 cosmetic retail display ideas to win customers.

Food Retail Display Dump Bin– Use unique retail cosmetic display for your special cosmetics.
Put your products in a position that can make them noticed easily. Cardboard display dump bins offer an excellent retail cosmetic display solution for such products. They are crafted to imitate the conventional dump bins, which are generally used for garbage collections.

Moreover, they have a casual and simple appearance, hence customers can easily relate them to your relatively cheap bundle offers and discounts, promotional cosmetic products, and also clearance sales for stagnated cosmetic merchandise.

You can also customize your acrylic displays stands to display such products. For example, you can engrave tasty graphics inviting onlookers to access offers in the stand. Another way is to incorporate edge-lit acrylic led lighting on your acrylic stand to give it a sophisticated look. This will naturally draw a customer’s eyes to your beautiful stand.

– Create display islands at the entrance.
Whether you choose to use acrylic display stand or any other retail cosmetic display such as standees, show cards or strut cards, creating display islands near your entrance will guarantee visual traffic to your items. The customers will be forced to maneuver their way around the display island to access shelved merchandise hence, they are forced to gaze at the display in your island.

Display units such as freestanding cardboard floor stand or a cardboard dump bin have casual appearances that communicate discounts or cheap priced. Coupled with the strategic positioning that display islands offer, your products are guaranteed a bush fire sales conversion rate.

Edge Lit Acrylic Signs– Optimize the potential of your check out area
Customers are more likely to spend more time in your check out area. Therefore, stationing your retail cosmetic displays here will guarantee optimum visibility. There are a wide range of display solutions that you can use, such as counter display trays, boxes, and pallet boxes to hold small, fast-moving merchandise that a customer is able to grab with ease.

You can also place a product’s graphic on the wall just behind your counter, and illuminate it with acrylic edge lit led lighting. This will draw attention to the highlight, while giving your checkout area a superior look.

– Use your cosmetic retail display as a color accent
Changing how you apply color in your store can have a significant impact on how your product display coordinates. For instance, you can line up your cardboard retail floor stand against a clean, white wall to make them pop out. The idea is to use a contrasting color on your display solutions and the wall.

You can partition your shelves using transparent acrylic, and use mirrors on empty walls and pillars. This will make your store look larger than it seems.

Use appropriate lighting to distinctly blend with your theme color to create a unique beauty, and to keep your customers enthralled.

POSM Retail Acrylic Cosmetic Display Stand– Reduce clutter.
Sometimes less is more. Bulky displays will eat up too much of space in your store without driving the necessary traffic to your displayed products. Choose the right cosmetic retail display unit to use for your product niche. For example, you can hang jewels on a tired hanging display, and use acrylic cases or trays to showcase beauty products.

Installing display units in any available space may be confusing to the customers. You should, therefore, use just enough retail cosmetic displays, placed at predetermined focal points within your store. This will ensure optimum visibility of your products.

Order your acrylic display stands with us

At Popai Global, we understand that investing in quality and top-notch in-store display marketing will guarantee a higher sales conversion rate, due to increased visual traffic to your products. It is for this reason that we craft a wide range of customized and top-notch cosmetic retail display solutions that are not only visual magnets but also a solution to generate an appealing and soothing in-store ambiance.

We deliver our products across Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney in Australia.

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