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How to Optimize The Utility of Your Acrylic Jewelry Display Stands


Acrylic Jewelry Display Stands

The jewelry industry is one of the fastest growing and dynamic industries. Notably, the high consumer demand for jewelry, which was slowed by the global recession, now seems to be more aggressive than ever.

However, jewelry retail shops cannot afford to do business as usual and expect to maintain profitable margins due to competition from online stores. They must therefore employ aggressive marketing strategies, while remaining responsive to changes in consumer tastes and preferences. One method which most retail jewelry stores use to attract more clients and generate more sales is through the use of display stands and shelves.

Here are some of the ways in which you can maximize the utility of your acrylic jewelry stands to promote the purchase of your jewelry.

You can place complimentary jewelry alongside each other. For instance, you can display earrings with a matching necklace in your acrylic display tray. The idea is that if a customer is looking for a necklace, they might also need earrings to accessorize their outfit for a more stylish look.

cheap jewelry stands displaysFor you to optimize the use of cross-merchandising techniques, then apply these useful tips.

– Identify unexpected shopping trends
– Use common-sense marketing
– Use sampling as cross-merchandising
– Remind consumers of their needs
– Keep it simple.

Product assortment
Under this approach, you will be required to display variations of a particular type of jewelry, in your acrylic jewelry display stand.

The strategy can be used to attract a certain group of customers. For example, if a retailer wants to attract men, he/she will display men jewelry such as bungles and studs. On the other hand, acrylic display with a product assortment of necklaces and earrings will appeal to women.

Although out-of-vogue jewelry assortment can attract customers, retailers should watch out for jewelry whose appeal and demand has diminished, as they can detract customers from more popular and trendy jewelry.

Use variety
There is a wide variety of acrylic jewelry display stands to choose from, depending on the needs of your brands. You can interchangeably use acrylic busts, counter drops, trays, cases, or shop body displays to optimize the aesthetic display of your jewels.

White Acrylic Jewelry Display Stands Necklace Holder for Shows Exhibition Store Fair

You can shop for acrylic jewelry display stand with unique colors, size, design, and shape to excellently accentuate with your store theme.

You can be creative and borrow from retail stores in a different niche. For example, you can use acrylic hangers used in clothing stores to display necklaces.

Use multidimensional display system
One-dimensional acrylic display will do more harm to your product’s visual appeal. Showing your jewelry in 3D will ensure a 360 degrees showcase that will go a long way to fully highlight the critical attributes of your jewelry.

Rotating acrylic display stands as opposed to static display stands ensure your customers view displayed products in3D, hence influencing their purchasing decisions.

Another intelligent acrylic jewelry display stand option is the use of floating display stands. This will not only create an eye-catching display for your jewelry, but will also intrigue the customer and encourage them to purchase.

Wholesale Acrylic Jewellery Exhibitor Organizer Jewelry Necklace Stand

Stay ahead of trends
Even the most attractive product display stand can only do so much if the product itself isn’t appealing. You should therefore ensure that the jewelry you are selling is in demand. Use social media to learn about trends in fashion so that you can find out what products are in vogue. Always remember that acrylic stands are only meant to compliment your products and attract clients.

Get quality acrylic jewelry displays today!

The digitization of the business world has undoubtedly shifted the way jewelers promote the sale of their merchandise. With more businesses opting for online stores to keep up with trends, traditional jewelry stores have a hard time competing favorably. However, this does not mean conventional jewel stores are in decline. On the contrary, it is quite possible to increase your sales as long as you have the right marketing approach.

At POPAI Global, we have extensive experience in the manufacture of acrylic display shelves of unparalleled quality. Our products are highly sought after by retailers in Australia, where we supply in all major cities including Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. Get in touch with us today and let us help you get the best acrylic stands for your jewelry business.

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