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5 Ideas to Turn Your Acrylic Counter Displays from Lackluster to Brilliance


In as much as more customers are favoring the convenience of digital shopping, the retail industry is still reaping billions in profit.

Study shows that 30- 50 percent of customers make their purchasing decision while in the retail store. Retails stores have therefore invested in various display solutions to attract and retain clients to their stores. One sure method that has been proven to bring results is the use of Acrylic counter display.

Here are a few tips on how to optimize your acrylic counter displays, to attract more sales.

Blackweb Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Acrylic Display Rack1. Brand your acrylic counter displays
Branding reinforces your products stake in the market by ensuring that only similar products can be displayed in those acrylic counter displays. It incorporates brand colors, logos, and graphics to make your products pop out.

Additionally, acrylic counter displays with embedded interactive videos or touch screens will enable your customers to learn more about your product’s attributes, pricing information, and their applications.

You can also input questions that a customer will answer. This way, you can gain insight about the market dynamics and the trending customer preferences and tastes.

2. Customize your acrylic counter displays to be multidimensional

Rotating your displayed merchandise will showcase full features of your products to the customer, as opposed to static acrylic display stands. Take, for example, acrylic hook displays. Merchandise will be hung on the hooks, ensuring your products have a 360-degree visibility that showcases all the attributes of a product.

Clear and transparent acrylic counter displays will also ensure your products can be viewed from any angle within your store.

3. Make a statement with your lighting and colors.

Edge Lit Acrylic SignsBeautiful and functional lighting can be a magical display bomb if it accentuates well with your store’s overall theme. For instance, you can attract attention to your counter by boldly lighting the area just above your cash wrap using edge-lit acrylic signage.

Use colors effectively, but don’t overdo it. Experiment with different contrasting colors to find the right mix. Match the color of your counter displays with your store theme for a perfect ambiance.

You can also invest in LED acrylic display holders. There is no better way to create a magical wonderland other than skillfully incorporating LED lighting to your check out area.

4. Keep your display clean and well stocked

Clear 5 Layers Acrylic Lipstick and Nail Polish OrganizerYou can never underestimate the significance of keeping your acrylic counter display clean. The cleanliness of your acrylic display stands, and the store, in general, will make a strong statement about your brand and products. Additionally, cleaning your display goes a long way to increase the visibility of your products.

Make sure you get rid of products that are out of market trends from your acrylic display stands. This is to ensure that your display units do not become stale and boring to customers who yearn trendy and fashionable products.

Empty acrylic counter displays should be restocked or moved away from customers view. You don’t want your customer to view your shop as understocked or lacking some merchandise.

5. Make your acrylic counter displays adapt to seasons

Make use of latest trends, events, seasons, and holidays. For example, you can add graphics of Santa Claus on your acrylic display stand, busts, cases or acrylic retail floor stand displays during the festive season. You can also spread messages of love during Valentine’s period by incorporation love quotes on your acrylic counter displays.

Additionally, you can play music related to season, for example, Christmas songs. You can use Retail POP counter speaker display for your retail music system alongside other speakers on sale. What a perfect way to draw attention!

Order your acrylic display stands today!

Counter displays rule the game when it comes to point of sale marketing. It’s the last step a retailer will effectively add value to the customer, and promote their brand. The era of regarding counters as just an area where the staff checks out customers is long gone.

At Popai Global, we are experts in providing POS and POP solutions. Let our experts turn your lackadaisical counter displays to a magical visual touché, with our top-notch and skillfully crafted acrylic displays counters.

Order with us, and your sales will never remain the same. We deliver in major towns and cities in Australia, including Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney.

For more info, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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