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Use Acrylic Product Displays to Win Your Competitors’ Loyal Customers Are Yours


Who does not love shopping in visually pleasing stores? From perfect theme colors used on neatly laid customer pathways, to the eye-friendly acrylic product display, your effort to improve your in-store customer experience will reward you

Smallest aesthetic changes such as lighting, colors, and signage have a significant impact on improving the overall feel and look of your store. You can expertly display your products in custom acrylic displays and take your in-store customer experience to a whole new level. Here are 5 ways you can use to ensure enough visual traffic flows to your products.

POS Retail Illuminated Display Stand– Do not confuse customers with your colors and lighting.

Colors and lighting are among the top psychological triggers. Their use can invite a customer into your shop or drive them away. Using many colors and bright lighting on your custom acrylic displays and your store, in general, will only confuse and overwhelm your customers.

For instance, you can have your walls painted white, and all your freestanding acrylic display stands are all transparent.

Your acrylic wall stands and shelves can have a gray color, with blue LED lighting on their edges to create a contrasting background. You can further make your other acrylic product display such as acrylic cases, busts, and trays to have similar colors but with slight variation in shades.

Your lighting should also blend in well with your theme in a subtle way to minimize glare.

Illuminated Acrylic Display Stands– Add magic to your acrylic product displays
The versatility of acrylic makes it easier to craft custom acrylic displays in different designs, shapes, and sizes. Using different acrylic displays such as acrylic cases, illuminated acrylic stands, and freestanding floor display stands will communicate the depth and height of your store.

You can add wheels to your acrylic stands to ensure easy mobility within your shop. Product displays such as rotating freestanding acrylic floor display stands offer 3D visibility of your products without the consumer having to move around to see the products better.

– Move with market dynamics and consumer preferences

Keep tabs with market trends and dynamics and incorporate them into your acrylic product displays. Strive to be among the first retailers to display new product arrivals in the market. Customers will love you for that.

Displaying products in custom acrylic display relevant with the product niche will also go a long way in making your new stock stand out. For example, if your niche is wines and beverages, you can use wine display cases, wine display racks, or even wine display cabinets. Custom acrylic wine stands, for instance, will guarantee visibility more that freestanding acrylic floor stands when displaying wine related products.

– Make it float.
Acrylic materials are lightweight and versatile. This makes acrylic product displays easy to mount on walls or windows. The can also be hung from the ceiling. Transparent product displays will give an illusion that your merchandise is suspended midair. This is a sure way to pique customer’s interests and get a window shopper to step into your store.

– Organize your stock
Customers love to choose from a variety. You should, therefore, incorporate this need into your acrylic product display. Arrange products that have the same utility in your display stands so that the customer would not engage in the hustles of walking back and forth to compare different variations of particular merchandise.

You can go a notch higher and engrave product description on your acrylic product display such as freestanding acrylic floor display. This will help customers to find and pick products with ease.

POP Acrylic Floor Display Stand

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If your store is dull with stale displays, out of market stock and disorganized, then expect your customers to run fast in the opposite direction. You will lose out on sale and chances are that, you will earn a bad reputation.

It doesn’t have to be that way because you always have a chance to turn your misfortunes around. If you are looking for quality custom acrylic display at a pocket-friendly price, then Popai Global is here for you. We specialize in a wide range of acrylic product displays such as acrylic product display stands, busts, organizers, counter drops, trays, cases, and many more depending on your display needs.

Engage our experts and professionals and watch your store become your competitors’ dream store. We are open for delivery in Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney in Australia.

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