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Cultivate Customer Loyalty by Using Custom Acrylic Store Display Stands


Do you want customer traffic to flow into your store, but the customer you are aiming to attract is busy or simply disinterested in your products? Well, we have a solution for you!

We live in a generation that is ever busy and doesn’t have time to try out new items and services, or simply shop at a completely new outlet, far from their convenience stores.

As a retailer, you must be on toes to creatively find ways to win the attention of the ever distracted, potential customers. This means you must be exceptionally unique.

One thing that surely will guarantee success is the use of custom acrylic display stands. So how can you use it to achieve business success?

POS Cosmetic Display Solutions– Create a compelling display for your windows

If your retail store is strategically positioned in a street with great foot traffic, then make your windows a spectacle to stare at. Your window display should be well designed such that it arouses curiosity in passersby to peek in the shop. This strategy greatly encourages impulse buying.

You should not clutter your window in the name of maximizing its display potential. Just be simple in your display, since the main aim is to entice your customers into stepping into your store.

– Get creative with your wall space

The choice to use graphics, shelves, signage, custom acrylic store display units or T.V screens much depends on your budget, display needs, and the type of merchandise you are retailing.

The wall is the most versatile space that you can virtually use on any display unit. For instance, you can mount a slat wall on your walls to display a wide variety of merchandise. They have horizontally recessed spaces where you can display shelves, hooks, hangers, and pegs.

You can also use a grid wall retail display on your wall. They feature wire panels, which utilize a variety of hooks and shelving options. They are affordable and easy to install as well as aesthetically appealing on your walls.

illuminated display stand– Create focal points within your store

Do not clutter your stores with displays in every available space. This can only overwhelm your customers, and further confuse them. Instead, optimize your display marketing needs by establishing focal points within your shop, to display just enough merchandise and to keep your customers concentration.

For example, you can break the aisle by strategically installing acrylic display units or signage and at the dead ends. You can also place acrylic display stands near your main entrance to guarantee high visual traffic.

– Acrylic counter display

Acrylic Cosmetic Display StandYour check out area is one last shot you can capitalize on to further impress your customers, and improve your brand image. It is never an area that you simply check your customers out after sales have been made.

Display freebies, offers, price cuts, and discounts as well as gift cards on your custom acrylic display cases to keep your customer’s eyes engaged as they wait for their turn to be checked out.

You can also use a T.V screen on the wall just behind the counter to display your available stock in the store.

– Make a statement with mannequins

Aim to idolize an ideal lifestyle using your mannequins. Make them look super-strong and buff. You want your customers to mentally create a picture of what your products can do to them. A well-outfitted mannequin will create a mental picture of a complete solution or a complete lifestyle, and your customers will definitely aspire to look like them.

White Acrylic Jewelry Display Stands Necklace Holder for Shows Exhibition Store Fair

So what is next?

Every retailer would love customer traffic into their store. In-store marketing strategies have the ability to accelerate or decelerate the movement of inventory in your store. However, the type of display strategies you use will be dependent on the type of merchandise you are retailing. This notwithstanding, you need strong visual merchandising strategies for your retail shop to engage your shoppers and to convert them into sales.

At POPAI Global, we offer customized acrylic store display solutions, ranging from acrylic counter displays to stands, busts, trays, and shelves. They come in different compelling designs, colors, shapes, and sizes that are not only sustainable and reliable but also pocket-friendly. We deliver in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne in Australia, and other major cities across the glob.

Make your order with us today!

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