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Custom point of purchase displays: Are they helpful to your business?


Custom point of purchase displaysImpulse shopping is more prominent now than at any other time. According to a report from First Insight, more than 71% of shoppers make their shopping decisions in-store. Of course, if you were a financial consultant, these statistics would be painful to digest. To retailers, this knowledge would present an opportunity to tweak your marketing strategy and hence improve your sales.

Point of Purchase displays are basically advertising or marketing material strategically placed in areas within a store with an emphasis on visibility and information. They include branded shopping trolleys and dust bins, illuminated digital boards, or the traditional signage.

So how can they boost your business?

Recycled Cardboard Floor Display Paper Hook Display Stand for Philips1. Brand Recognition
If you are pushing a new product or service, it is essential to have it embedded in your core customers’ minds. Strategically placed point of purchase display stands, with a conspicuous and attractive design of course, will do that just fine.

When customers see the POP display every time they come to the store, the product name will register in their subconscious, and it will be easier to get them to try it out. To that end, POP advertising is the cheapest yet most effective way of creating brand loyalty as it mainly targets existing customers.

2. Addresses Most of the Customer Queries
POP displays typically include all crucial details of the underlying product, from the price, to where it’s sold and even how to use it. Images of products also feature prominently in pop displays as well.

All these details provide answers to most of the questions that most customers have in mind over new products, and they would, therefore, be more likely to purchase the product on offer. Remember, the key to positively enhancing in-store shopping is making things straightforward.

For one, most people are more likely to purchase a new product if they already have a clue on what it is, and how to use it, and don’t have to go to customer care for help. Detailed pop stands take care of that.

3. Enables A Particular Product to Stand Out From The Rest
Customers are more likely to buy, or at least keep in mind, products whose images and descriptions they see over and over. If you want to push a flagship product or service, one way to make it stand out, and attract attention, is to have its name and images engraved in points of purchase or sale. This can be on cardboard counter displays or even on t-shirts and dust coats worn by staff. Whatever POP option you choose, just make sure to have it in a legible font and neutral colors for maximum effect.

4. An effective way to Announce Offers or Upgrades
Apart from sending bulk SMS and emails, the other cheap and effective way to announce offers, price cuts, and upgrades is via in-store displays. Since your customers are (presumably) aware of the product and probably even use it, they will pay more attention when they see it in a big, colorful board near the checkout counter.

5. Improves The Store’s Aesthetics
Branded dustbins, floor display stands and illuminated digital boards are more than marketing materials. Depending on their color schemes and appearance, these tools can also add to the store’s ambiance and beautify it.

Radiant boards and stands at the middle and end of shelves and on the walls are much better to look at than bland, neutral colors. The fact that they serve multiple and important purposes makes POP tools an even more essential part of the store decor.

Make your order today!

At POPAI Global, we design and manufacture all types and sizes of retail display stands, particularly POP and POS (Point of Sale) displays. Our products are suitable for about every industry or niche in the market, and our designs can be customized to fit your budget and preferences.

We use a wide range of materials to make our products, including hardwood, plastic, foam, acrylic and cardboard. As such, we are well suited to provide both permanent, semi-permanent and temporary solutions for your business.

Our manufacturing department is located in China from where we deliver to all parts of the world, from Europe to the Americas and even Australia. Matter of fact, we have a strong presence in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. For more information about our custom point of purchase displays, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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