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Pop Displays: The Key to A Successful Retail Business


What is a POP Display

Ever gone to your local grocery store and noticed a small cardboard display box beside one of the shelves? Or have you ever gone to your local store and had a pamphlet featuring a certain product or service squeezed into your hands by one of the attendants? Those are just, but two examples of Point of Purchase (POP) displays – one of the most common, and effective, marketing tools used by most retailers today.

So What is a POP Display?

A POP is basically any marketing or promotional material that’s displayed alongside or near the material it’s promoting. In a store, POP displays can be placed anywhere, from the entrance, to the shelves, and even the cash register. They typically contain detailed descriptions of given products, their prices as well as their images and colors.
The main aim of POP tools is to influence the customers’ purchase decisions by attracting their attention, and subsequently, their curiosity. This is informed by the fact that nowadays, most people don’t have a clear idea of what to buy when they visit a store and are therefore susceptible to impulse buying.

Examples of POP Displays

Corrugated Cardboard Storage BinsNow that you have an idea of what is a pop display, how about a quick highlight of the common types used? Currently, there are several types of POP tools that retailers can use to improve sales, depending on their industry and clientele. These range from the traditional methods used by brick and mortar businesses to the more modern ones used by online stores. Here are a few examples:

Dump Bins – One creative and catchy way to market a product is to have a colorful, branded dust bin at the front or back of a store.

Countertop Displays – Normally placed at the checkout counter, where customers can see and interact with them, as they wait to be served.

Illuminated Stands – Nothing catches the eye faster than a flickering display. These typically have the product name and image, that appears in different colors every time the light flickers.

Digital POPs – Smarter retailers have social media pages, or websites, where they post promotional materials of select products, particularly images or videos, prices, and promotional tags. Others use cookies, provided by Google, on people’s product searches and are able to send targeted messages straight to their emails or SMS.

Digital POPs are arguably the most effective marketing strategy in modern times as most people spend huge amounts of time on their phones and computer.

Need Some POP Displays?

At POPAI Global, we design, manufacture, and deliver high-quality product display units, tailored to meet the needs of all types of industries. We have been supplying businesses with quality POP materials from 2008, and throughout the years, we have made various industrial modifications, introduced new concepts, conducted marketing research and consumer demands, and evolve to the point where we are today – an industry leader.

Whether you are looking for wooden, plastic, cardboard, or acrylic displays, you can count on us to deliver to your utmost satisfaction. What more, we are always open and willing to involve our customers in our design processes to ensure that the outcome fits their requirements to the letter.

We are also flexible in the materials we use for production as we want to cater to your budgets as well as your desired durability. Our products range from strong and permanent structures, to temporary displays made of foam.

Check out our products page, and if you like a product, place an order along with your specifications, and our team will promptly customize it for you. Our production is mostly in-house, so you can rest assured of ultrafast deliveries.

We are located in Shenzhen, China but have branches in Australia, in the cities of Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. So if you live Down Under, be sure to give us a visit and see what we can do for your business. Nonetheless, we also deliver our products overseas.

Feel free to contact us and place your orders as well. Our team of customer care will always be at hand to answer our queries, and offer assistance.

Make the right move today!

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