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Showcase Your Distinct Lines of Products Using the Finest Display Structures


POP retail display solutions
Visual merchandising, which combines fascinating graphics and well-designed stable display structures is the ultimate winner in achieving target Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). Match this inventive approach with a cleverly crafted product communication mix and the possibilities will be limitless! You can stand out by generating a competitive edge, increase your retail stock turnover and bottom line, as well as create a strong brand reputation. Whether launching a novel product or simply highlighting an existent label, you can never go wrong with POPAI Global’ POP retail display solutions.

At POPAI Global, we think local, but act global! Thus regardless of your culture, market niche, product lines and types, or localized cultural nuances among your clientele, we can customize any POP display unit to match your precise needs and meet the expectations of your buyers. We provide inspirational pieces of work that serve the dual purpose of promoting your merchandise and protecting it from damage in a prompt and cost-effective manner. Here is a brief overview of what you should expect from us:

• Insightful and strong tailor-made structural fabrications
With the assistance of our resourceful design and manufacturing team, we can capture your imagination and fuse it with our engineering and design expertise to create durable and beautiful mockup displays. We can also re-engineer your present display structural designs to improve functionality and cut costs by using affordable yet strong materials and designs.

• Harnessing the power of graphics
Our custom designs not only offer sturdy, long lasting, and structurally strong display units, but they also provide captivating graphic displays. Whether your retail needs and budget require a screen or digital printing, you can be guaranteed to get top-notch graphics that elicit visual appeal and long lasting impressions. We also customize graphics using our fine art professionals who understand color psychology and the art of reinforcing memorable brand images through creative art and design.

• Custom design conception and implementation
design conception and implementationAt POPAI Global, our services are personalized, and we get to know you first as well as your product lines and clientele. This knowledge coupled with your insights, desires and needs gathered during consultation, builds our basis for brainstorming and design conception. Our plan is to capture your exact needs and desires as well as those of your consumers and turn them into functional products that will transform your retail spaces. It is crucial for us to get it right. As such, we design, prototype, and produce all POP display units in-house from the beginning to the end. Regardless of the scope of your project, we can handle it without outsourcing, and we can thus confidently guarantee the finest products because of our in-house quality control measures.

• A wide range of varying industry and niche-specific products
Whatever your needs could be, we can custom-make the display units you need to your precise requirements and deliver all orders to your retail location in a timely manner. Our philosophy on customer satisfaction is: “You dream it, POPAI Global makes it happen!” To get a clear picture of what products we can make, you can ask for our catalogues and portfolios of accomplished projects.

Our designs and custom product lines are ideal for a wide array of retail market segments such as pet supplies, electronics, and food supplies – just to mention, but a few. Regardless of your product line or retail market segment, we can always create something unique and fulfilling to your needs and desires as a retailer.

Still wondering where to start?

If you are unable to find a product that suits your needs or befits your clients’ requirements in our catalogues and portfolios, then send us a brief note of your needs and desires as well as those of your clients, or pay us a visit. You will be glad to learn how our design team can help you crystallize your ideas, needs, and desires into a mock-up product.

When visiting or calling our customer service department for consultation purposes, ensure that you at least come along with your noted down ideas, sketches, or even photos of the displays you would like to have built through our custom-design process. These items will help in kick-starting the joint process of design conception, wherein; our true magic emanates!

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