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Tips on how to choose Ideal Retail Acrylic Display Stands for your Merchandise


Tips on how to choose Ideal Retail Acrylic Display Stands for your Merchandise

The art of effective selling is considerably dependent on attractive promotional product presentation. How a retailer chooses to display their product may determine whether their display will attract consumers and drive up the sales or not. As such, it is prudent to invest in eye-catching displays, which perfectly highlight the outstanding features of your merchandise so as to give consumers attractive and memorable impressions about your products. One ideal choice of display material for such purposes can be found in retail acrylic display stands, which are durable, transparent, customizable, affordable and ideal for all types of displays that you can fancy as a retailer.

Factors to Consider when choosing Retail Acrylic Display Stands

Apart from the counter top display stand and retail floor acrylic display stands, there are other numerous types of POS/POP and visual display options for merchandise. These choices may include hanging displays, floor shelf displays, glass display showcases, dump bin displays, basket displays, slat-grid fixtures, pegboard displays wall mount racks, and locking display cases – just to mention, but a few.

The wide array of choices implies that selection of the ideal display is a little challenging, and it requires the consideration of many factors. The making of a proper choice is important because it may impact on display attractiveness and the sales volumes the display can attract. For instance, products displayed in dumb-bin fixture displays may be perfect for a Grab and Go’ quick promotion program. But such displays are often perceived by shoppers as clearance sales because dump bins are often used for low-value products or clearance sales. This implies that the choice of a display has a significant influence on consumer perceptions. In a nutshell, design is the central focus in determining the ideal choice of an acrylic display unit and there is a lot to consider in design, but here is an outline of the essentials:

Types of retailing merchandise
Selecting the best retail floor acrylic display stands and countertop display stands or any other type of stand is largely determined by the kind of product you want to put on display. There are specified design styles and sizes, which match virtually all business needs and product types. These stands may be designed to be multi-purpose or specifically tailored for certain products based on packaging size and weight or the desired height of display. For instance, stands designed to hold wedding cards may differ from those designed to hold jewels or food items. In some cases, some are designed for heavy merchandise like the gondola display units, whereas; others are designed for lightweight products such as the bulk racks. Therefore, product size, weight, and configuration are important determinants of the type of retail acrylic display stands chosen.

Ingenious designs of retail acrylic display stands should be able to accommodate different types of products including new products, which come with different kinds of packaging. For example, some versatile floor stand displays have slots that hold interchangeable cartridges and trays, which can be interchanged to suit different new products without the need to buy new stands.

Types of preferred display
There are numerous kinds of creative displays that you can choose for your products as a retailer. For instance, you may prefer a floor, rotatable, hanging-wall, or counter-top display depending on the nature of the product and the space within your retail premise. As such, you have to choose types of retail acrylic display stands that suit such specifications based on your preferences and the desired outcomes.

The need for mixed-material stands
In some instances, you may need to add a little design flair to your retail acrylic display stands by incorporating the use of different materials in addition to acrylic. The use of PVC and wood alongside acrylic is common and if such a design is required, then that may influence the choice of the display stand that you will make as a retailer so as to achieve your design objectives.

Target consumer demography
The type of targeted consumers is also an important consideration when designing and choosing the type of retail acrylic display stands. For example, a stand designed to hold toys for three to seven-year-olds needs to be low enough in height so that the children can have a clear view of the products. In such cases, floor shelf displays, dump bin displays, and basket displays may be better than hanging displays and wall mount racks. It is thus essential to have a deep understanding of your prospective consumers because this is a fundamental consideration in designing an effective POS/POP display unit.

Permanency of the display
Some retail product displays are intended for long-term positioning within the retail setup. On the other hand, other product displays are temporary such as is the case during the promotion of new products or the making of a clearance sale. The former case requires permanent retail acrylic display stands, but the latter works well with temporary displays such as the dump bin displays, and basket displays. Other forms of ideal displays for in-and-outdoor temporary promotional displays include cardboard and shipper displays.

It is important to ensure that the retail acrylic display stands that you choose are built to last so as to get value for your money. For example, the fixtures of the counter top display stand and retail floor acrylic display stands should be built to withstand the load of shopping carts, leaning viewers, and kids who may bump into them.

Cost considerations
Acrylic stands have various cost components, which include shipping, storage, installation, and assembly charges. Therefore, when buying retail acrylic display stands it is prudent to find out whether the cost is inclusive of such services. It is also good to determine whether the shipments will come in as knock-down or fully assembled display. This will determine whether you will have to take additional costs to have the components of the acrylic stands assembled onsite. Do not underestimate assembly and installation costs because they could increase the overall cost of the units bought.

The space available for customer navigation and the display stands

When designing retail acrylic display stands such as the countertop display stand or retail floor acrylic display stands, it is ideal to consider space needs and the navigation of consumers through the retail shop. The design of the stands needs to factor in these elements into the design process so as to ensure that there is a smooth movement of customers within the retail shop. Additionally, ideal positioning and design also improve the visibility of the products on display. Individual retail store layouts, locations, and sizes may differ depending on the context.

What can you do for your retail store’s display?

Retail acrylic display stands offer a stylish, affordable, simple, and effective way to display your retail products in an attractive manner. These are essential merchandising tools for both outdoor and indoor displays, and they can increase your brand awareness and visibility, and where possible, increase your sales volume because of the visual appeal achieved by their display units.

No matter your retail market niche, whether you are a proprietor of a restaurant, spa, museum, shopping mall, or a toy shop, there are always retail acrylic display stands that will suit your needs. Talk to us today and we will guide you through the world of merchandise display!

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