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Product Display Stands: How You Can Use Them to Boost Your Business


Product Display StandsWhen a customer steps into your store, the first thing they will notice is the product displays and store layout. This first impression will determine if they proceed with their shopping, or simply leave without making a purchase.

Hence, it is important to lay out your shop in such a way that buyers won’t have a problem finding items they need, and most importantly, it should offer seamless product promotion and differentiation.

Interestingly, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or extravagant; you only need to create a captivating layout. Here are our top 5 effective ideas for shop pop display stands:

1. Go Digital. It’s Cheaper and More Convenient in The Long Run
While posters and plastic signage look better and are more convenient (they require less care, etc.), it can be costly in terms of time and resources, to keep changing the signage every time you need to push a new product.

Investing in digital screens to attach to your shop display stands is a sensible long term strategy. Changing the screen displays is a straightforward job that you can do on your laptop if you have the relevant software.

POS Retail Illuminated Display Stand Solutions

2. Break Up The Isles
As the years go by, the average human concentration span gets shorter. In the retail context, it means that most people won’t get to the end of the long, uninterrupted isles as they will probably get bored or tired by the time they get halfway through.

It’s a great idea to create breaks in long isles using small displays or signage to get the customers to refresh their concentration. For instance, you can have a stocked flip down wall shoe rack in the middle of an aisle containing female products.

3. Play Around With the Colors
The world population is getting younger, and it’s no surprise that younger people make up the bulk of all retail shoppers. As it is, this particular demographic is attracted to colors and stylish themes. So, instead of the dull white and black colors, invest in product display stands with colorful shapes and logos on them. Just make sure to pick colors that fit in well with your lighting and store themes.

4. Use Glass to Make Your Space Look Bigger
As mentioned earlier, wooden or metallic displays are great, but they can be a bit bland sometimes. A great way to virtually enlarge your space is by using glass panes as your display dividers or shelf panels. What more, glass gives a cleaner ambiance, and can showcase the products much better than other materials if accentuated with innovative lighting.

5. Use Lighting to Attract Attention to The Products
Whether you are using acrylic, glass, or plastic product display stands, playing around with your lighting could be the key to success. One of the lighting techniques used by major retailers is accent lighting, which is basically using brighter lights in areas you want to highlight. In such a case, the eyes, and subsequently mind, of the customer will be pulled towards the highlighted display. While there, the brighter lighting will additionally give them a better view of the nooks and crannies of the item displayed.

Your product display stands and store design illustrates your commitment to your business and customers, and goes a long way towards creating either a good or bad impression. So, it’s important to have a clear idea of what direction you want to go.

For affordable and sustainable product display solutions, contact us here at POPAI Global, and you won’t regret. We design and build high-quality POP and POS displays for retailers in various niches. Our products include hook displays, dump bins, standees, end caps, illuminated display stand and digital signage to mention but a few.

Whichever your budget, we will work with you on finding a satisfactory solution for your business. What more, our expert advice and guidance will help you find effective designs and products for your particular store.

We deliver our products to every part of the world, including major Australia cities such as Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. In case you have a question regarding our services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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