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Why Point of Sale Display Stands are Popular with Retailers


Point of Sale Display StandsTechnological innovations over the past couple of years have undoubtedly revolutionized the way customers purchase products and services. While online shopping has indeed become a common feature of today’s business world, traditional point of sale display stands still remain a popular tool for pushing sales in retail stores.

Point of sale displays usually stand out from a variety of similar products presented on the shelf, mainly due to their unique design. They are typically presented in a visually striking design, which aims at arousing the interest of shoppers. In essence, they help in influencing customers to make last-minute purchasing decisions at the point of sale, rather than just buying the items on their shopping lists.

Due to their usefulness as a retail marketing tool, point of sale display stands are highly prized by retail store owners who use them for a variety of marketing strategies. Some of the reasons why most retailers still opt for point of sale display stands as a primary marketing tool include:

– They are Effective at Promoting New Products
point of sale displaysPoint of sale display stands are highly effective tools when it comes to promoting the sales of a newly introduced product. Thanks to their visually striking designs and printed information, point of sale displays can instantly create awareness of a new product to shoppers and influence them to make purchases.

– They Help Retailers Get Rid of Surplus Stock
Point of sale displays are also a very useful tool for pushing the sales of a specified product which is in excess. When specific products aren’t performing as well on the aisle shelves due to competition from similar products, most retailers usually opt to isolate them on eye-catchy point of sale display stands to make them more visible to shoppers. By increasing the visibility of a surplus product, customers are more likely to become interested in it and complete a purchase.

– They are Useful When Putting Up Offers
Point of Sale display stands are very efficient at promoting offers of select products. When retailers are trying to promote the sales of specific products, they often use point of sale displays to draw the attention of customers to the products on offer.

Typically, the point of sale display stands for offers usually bear the product or brand, the features of the product, and a reduced price or other incentives. By setting up a point of sale display stand for products on offer, retailers entice customers to purchase more of the item, thereby increasing overall profits.

– They are a very Cost-Effective Advertising Method
One of the main reasons why Point of Sale display stands remain a powerful and very popular retail marketing tool is due to their cost effectiveness. Even the more sophisticated and interactive point of sale display stands are still cheaper to use for advertising compared to television or radio ads. This makes them the most preferred advertising strategy for many retail stores.

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As mentioned earlier, point of sale displays are certainly one of the most brilliant ways to promote specific products and push for more sales. Due to their low cost and effectiveness as advertising tools, these items offer a high return on investment (ROI) to retail businesses.

In order to maximize their efficiency, Point of Sale display stands need to be well designed and relevant to the product which they are intended to promote. In addition to this, they must be strategically positioned inside the store to make them visible to customers.

At POPAI Global, we have perfected the art of manufacturing point of sale display stands for retail businesses. Our experience in the industry spans over a decade, counting a long list of businesses among our clientele. All our products are made from top of the line material designed to give our customers the best service. We supply point of sale display stands to businesses all over the world, including in Australian cities such as Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne.

If you are trying to increase your sales through point of sale advertising, get in touch with us today. Our representatives will be more than happy to help you design the best point of sale display stands for your business at a reasonable price.

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