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Tips on How to Improve Your Retail Customer Experience


Tips on How to Improve Your Retail Customer ExperienceWe live in an age where you can purchase food and groceries without even leaving your house. Online Retail juggernauts offer customers choice and convenience, which, coupled with many people’s desire to fit in, has made things hard for traditional retailers to succeed.

However, brick-and-mortar stores can still compete, survive, and even thrive in the current market by improving their customer experiences. This typically involves working on your store (appearance), products, and knowing your customers. Here are some tips to that effect:

Train Your Staff Well on Customer Service

1. Train Your Staff Well on Customer Service
One thing that differentiates online from physical shopping experiences is the human factor. Being able to shop from the comfort of your couch is nice and all but to most people, going to their local store and interacting with the store owner or staff is what makes brick-and-mortar stores unique.

As such, every store owner should try to create a bond with their customers by investing in personalized customer service. If it’s a small store, always try to be present, greet customers as they enter and show them where different products are.

If you can’t physically be there at all times, train your staff on how to best handle customers. Additionally, furnish them with in-depth information about your products, so they’re able to explain, and make recommendations to customers.

2. Offer Services to Complement Some Products
after servicesSome items, such as home theater systems and laptops, require unlocking and/or installation after purchase. Unfortunately, most stores leave this last part to the buyers as they are more concerned about the sale than the after services.

To set yourself apart and enhance customer loyalty, include after-sale services on selected products and appliances. Such services can include delivery, installation, maintenance, repairs, or just professional consultation. And they don’t have to be free. See, the key is to make your customers look to you for all their solutions, and since they are already buying stuff at your store, it won’t be hard to make them spend an extra few bucks for additional services. If this works, you can even open a separate service department which further diversifies your business.

3. Design Your Store’s Layout with Social Media in Mind
We are at an age where most people can’t do anything without taking a pic, either to send to their friends or to post online. As a business owner, making your store social media friendly, so to speak, is one way to create a loyal following.

For instance, you can have an Instagram Wall on one side of the store where visitors can take pics. You may adorn the wall with flowers or, if you love it fancy, have a creatively designed fountain or statue.

You can also invest in an innovative point of purchase display stand to display high-value items like watches and phones to further attract people to take pics. Whatever you choose, just make sure to have your business name and logo appearing prominently in the background so people who come across the pics can know where they came from.

4. Hold Occasional Treasure Hunts
Clearance SalesTreasure hunts are basically exclusive, or surprise offerings intended to excite customers and drive faster sales. For instance, some retailers periodically hold ‘Clearance Sales,’ which are characterized by lower prices. The thinking behind this is that, by giving the impression that the particular goods are only on sale for a limited period, more people will rush to buy so as not to miss out.

It would be even better if you held such kind of treasure hunt on predetermined dates, say, once a month. Make all your customers aware of the date(s) via your marketing materials such as point of purchase displays.

So, what’s the next step?

The only way to survive and thrive in a fiercely competitive environment is to relentlessly improve on your portfolio and services. For all your retail display needs, feel free to contact us here at POPAI Global. We are by far the biggest POS and POP Display Manufacturers in the world with years of experience, and lots of customers spread over several continents to show.

As you strive to improve your store’s appearance and ambiance, our solutions, which include all types of displays, including electronic boards, will come in handy. We are open to working on your budgets, and specific requirements, so don’t shy off from dropping us a line. We supply point purchase display stands to businesses in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, and other major cities across the globe.

Engage with us today!

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