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Attract Your Customer’s Attention Using Acrylic Display Units


We are in an era where markets are characterized by stiff competition, ranging from online conglomerates to established multinational companies. Retail stores must therefore devise strategies to stay afloat in this saturated, but potentially lucrative market.

Businesses that do not move with trends and market dynamics risk losing out on sales opportunity. This therefore has led to employment of various POS and POP marketing strategies, which include the use of acrylic display units.

So how can you get desirable results using acrylic display units?

– Use variety

retail led light illuminated display stand

You can use a variety of display units, depending on your needs. These include, acrylic display stand, acrylic case, counter drops, and shelves. This will help in maximizing your POS and POP marketing strategy, and break the monotony in the eyes of the customer.

Moreover, as opposed to the ordinary plastic display stands, you can customize your acrylic stands to fit your display needs. For instance, you can vary their shape, size, design, and colors. You can also add LED lighting to ensure your customers are wowed at the sight of your display units. This will help in boosting impulse buying.

– Keep your display units clean and organized
Dirty floor, dusty acrylic display units, dirty stuff, and disorganized stock and display units will not only impact negative experience in your store, but also will kill your brand image.

Clean floor and sparklingly transparent acrylic display units will ensure that customers will not be distracted from being drawn to your displayed merchandise. Additionally, Organize your shelves in such a way that customers will not find it difficult to trace a product.

POS Retail Display– Be creative with empty spaces
Your isles and the area between your merchandise and ceiling have the marketing potential for your in-store products.

Establish focal points along your isle to rejuvenate your customer’s concentrations. Additionally, you can place acrylic display units at the dead end of your isles, where a customer will be forced to look at your products.

Hang electronic signage over your ceilings to educate your customers about your brand and goods that are on offer in your store.

– Offer freebies.
Display products that are on offer. Promise customers to give them a discount after purchasing a certain bundle of merchandise.

You can also do product assortment to appeal a customer’s desire to choose from a variety. For example, you can display watches from different brands in your acrylic display unit. Naturally, this goes along with price cuts.

Another strategy you can use is cross-merchandising and product bundling, where a retailer displays products that you they would otherwise sell separately. It aims to educate the customers on what they might need alongside their current purchases.

rotating acrylic display– Invest in rotating acrylic display input
Rotating acrylic display units ensure your products have 360 degrees visibility, hence showcasing your products’ key attributes in a unique and captivating way.

You can also use mannequins to display merchandise like clothes and jewelry to complement the utility of your acrylic display units.

– Less is more; Communicate
The aim of display units is to communicate value to their prospective customers. Retail store owners tend to misinterpret this by bombarding customers with too much information and products on display. This can become overwhelming and confusing to the customers.

Instead of installing display units in every space available, establish focal points in your store that will ensure you optimize utility of your display stands.

Moreover, provide brief and concise descriptions, which only depict key attributes of your products. Make them bold, so that the details can be visible from around 6-8 feet away.

Are you ready to transform your business?

It is necessary for retail store owners to create compelling and beautiful visualization of their merchandise. This will build the reputation of your brand name, while positioning your retail business to be among the market leaders. Depending on your marketing needs, it is paramount to employ the best strategies to increase traffic to your products.

Contact us for sustainable and reliable display solutions. We craft top notch and customized acrylic display units, which come in different designs, shape, color, and size that will best suit your interests.

For fast delivery of quality products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We supply our products to major regions in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney in Australia. Engage with us today!

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