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How to Brilliantly Hook Your Customers Using Acrylic Makeup Display


The beauty industry has seen explosive growth, raking in billions of dollars each year. Moreover, the industry is continuously offering new and advanced products to the ever-expanding consumer base.

However, retail merchandisers are faced with fierce competition from online stores and world cosmetic leaders. Stores that do not engage in disruptive marketing strategies risk being left out in this profit ridden gold mine.

One strategy that is continually used by retail stores to attract and draw traffic to their merchandise is display marketing.

Below are strategies on how to get use your acrylic makeup organizer.

Tabletop Clear Large Cosmetic Organizer1. Expose customers to maximum amount of merchandise.
You can optimally display your merchandise in your store without being overly messy and distracting. For instance, the angular or diagonal store layout, as opposed to other traditional store layouts such as straight line, can maximize the use of floor space. This translates to increased visual exposure for your merchandise.

You can also optimize the use of the aisle by placing your acrylic makeup displays at the dead ends and strategic points along your isle. This will refresh the appeal and intrigue in your customers, as they move around your store.

However, do not over-display your products. It can be confusing and overwhelming for customers. Consistently keep your isles and acrylic make up stands clean and spacious.

2. Use empty spaces.
Let us consider, for instance, the space between your make up merchandise and the ceiling of your store. If it is not occupied, then it is time to get creative with it.

Use signage and electronic boards to provide information about your makeup products in your store. You can promote your brand name too.

You can also use the space to display customer testimonials with graphics and their name or use a designer’s or celebrity’s graphics to promote your make-up merchandise.

Skin Care Acrylic Cosmetics Display3. Atmospherics
You can invest in quality acrylic makeup display, perfect visualization strategies, and optimize the use of store spaces, but still not attract enough traffic to your store. The reason is clear! Your store tastes simple. Alongside great visual sparks, you should also aim to stimulate your customers’ other senses.

For example, you can play good music in the background so that the environment does not seem tense and quiet.

You can also use a nice scented fragrance for your store, as this will give a glimpse of your stocked make-ups to a customer.
Lastly, make an effort to encourage your customers to touch and feel your products. Let them hold and read the labels before they make their decision. This will help improve customer experience.

4. Magnetic boards
Use of magnetic boards is also one of the best marketing tricks. Basically, you are only required to glue small magnets (use hot glue) at the back of each acrylic make-up organizers such as trays and cases before attaching them to the magnetized board.

Quick tips:
– Ensure that your board is not overcrowded.
– You can use acrylic make-up organizers of different colors, shape, design, or shape.
– You can also add LED lighting to the magnetic board to create a visual magic
– While selecting make-ups to display on your board, use product assortment strategy or cross-merchandising to get the best out of your creative magical display.

Acrylic Cosmetics L Shape Display Stand5. Bundling
It entails combining different merchandise into a bundle, alongside a discounted price. The products to be bundled should complement each other or used together.

You can then display your bundled make-ups in an attractive acrylic makeup display placed in a focal point.

Quick tips
– Provide your customers with a diverse range of bundles.
– Emphasize savings. Emphasize how much they expect to save in percentage or figures if they purchase the bundles.
– Display the bundled offers in a separate focal section within your store.
Bundle trendy and on-demand products. Non-trendy make-ups are significant turn-offs for customers

Make your order today!

The extent to which you are willing to invest in quality acrylic makeup organizer will significantly impact on your brand image as well as the sales conversion rate.

At POPAI Global, we deal in top-notch display products which come in different designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. Do not hesitate to contact us for fast and convenient delivery in Perth, Melbourne, and Sidney in Australia.

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