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Six Simple Ways Your POS Retail Display Can Boost Your Sales


If a customer wants to make a purchase, they will do it anywhere, irrespective of the type of store, your competitors, or any offers given.

Now, if you had a magic trick to pull this kind of customers from the streets into your store and get them to cough a few coins, would you not use it?

Well, the solution is simple. You only need to invest in retail display solutions and watch your store transform into a multimillion empire.

Here is the trick:

– Unlock your store potential with Forex board pop solutions.

Forex board POP display stands are perfect for retailers yearning for versatility, with a touch of reliability. Owing to their weather resistant feature, and sturdy make, they are less likely to shatter under intense pressure.

PVC Board Table Top Display Rack

Moreover, with a bit of right lighting and color, these display stands are capable of unleashing magical visualization that is recognizable from the onset.

– Walking advertisement

Besides wearing branded attire to promote your brand, you can equip your brand ambassadors with small and portable display units such as acrylic cases and trays to display fast moving products such as earphones and jewelry.

Coupled with the allure of an exquisitely and tastefully designed acrylic cases or busts and the ability to engage customers in high foot traffic areas, this method is best suited for trendy and fast moving merchandise. You can also display stagnant merchandise at a discounted offer.

– Use outdoor displays

Brand your outside walls with product graphics, colors, or logo and highlight them using edge-lit acrylic signage. This will create an impressive visual statement that only communicates sophistication. You can also use LED lighting to highlight a welcome acrylic signage’ on your door.

edge lit exit signs

Outdoor displays aim to draw passersby into your shop, and eventually turn them into shoppers. For example, you can place cardboard cutout advertising standee or a human shape cutout standee to create product awareness outside of your shop.

Another smart way to draw passerby’s attention is to utilize your action valley. This is the ring around your store. It is your largest isle, which has the most traffic.

You can also place retail display racks strategically along your action alley to display some of the products you offer in the store. However, it is prudent that your preferred display options are lockable, to reduce losses.

– Use your retail display racks to display offers and special products.

Pairing your products with other similar complementary merchandise is a smart way of boosting your sales. It becomes convenient for the customer to purchase a product alongside a complimentary item, which was not in their budget list initially. Showcasing such offers in your customized retail display racks such as acrylic racks, counter drop displays, or wooden stands will further impress a customer’s purchasing muscle.

Countertop Display Units

– Train your staff

How your staff handle customers can significantly impact on customer experience in your retail store.

Staff that has knowledge about customer preferences and tastes are more likely to provide excellent customer care and excellent advice to customers regarding purchasing options available to them.

Trained staff will also know the significance of always keeping the store clean and organized, dusting your POS display solutions, such as acrylic stands and busts to keep them sparkling and transparent.

Wooden Retail Display Solutions– Go natural with wooden pop display solutions.

This is a smart way of bringing earthy and natural tones right into your store. Wooden displays easily connect with your customers, hence influencing their purchasing decision by 65%, as compared to others. However, the use of wooden display much depends on your target market, and product niche. For instance, they are best suited to display organic or natural merchandise such as grocery pet products even beverages.

Make your order today!

There are numerous options you can choose from when it comes to POS retail displays. Some strategies work better than others, depending on the type of merchandise you handle in your store. However, regardless of your market niche, the appeal and intrigue you create in your store will affect the decision of a customer to visit your shop or not. It is therefore, vital to invest in quality pos.

Contact us for a complete shake-up of your visual merchandising strategy, and let the experts take care of your worries. We deliver beautifully crafted and top-notch retail display solutions in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney in Australia.

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