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How to Optimize Your Product Display Using Custom Acrylic Displays


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In this era of rapid information and communication technology, it is not by surprise that most customers prefer e-commerce retailers over traditional brick and mortar stores. Its advantages are numerous, ranging from a broader global market and cost-effectiveness.

However, this is not to say that retail shops cannot maintain their competitive edge. With creative marketing techniques, you can attract significant traffic, and inspire purchases. Below are four ways you can brilliantly use custom acrylic display stands to drive sales.

in-store headsets displays– Design your shop to fit the taste of your customers
Customers are a significantly important aspect of your retail store. It is through customer purchases that revenue is earned. Without customers, you are out of business. Appealing to wider and loyal customers goes beyond just providing products and services at your store. You must understand the tastes and preferences of your customers, such as their likes and dislikes, and any aspect that influence their purchasing decisions.

One method of achieving this is by arranging your shop in a convenient and friendly manner, while allowing for communication and information flow between customers and store attendants. This way, you can cultivate loyalty in your customers while retaining new ones.

– Customize your acrylic display
Illuminated Acrylic Display StandsA display stand can work wonders for your store, due to their ability to influence impulse buying, pull marketing, and custom marketing, while giving your store a needed competitive edge. It can also increase brand awareness and exposure.

One mistake retail store owners are fond of is creating one-dimensional displays that lack depth. This can make your products seem dull and boring. A display stand set-up that gives a 360-degree visual appeal will keep customers engaged and intrigued.

Combining stunning lighting, color, and height can do a lot of magic in in-store product marketing. You can use LED Illuminated retail acrylic stand, which will increase the visibility of your products’ while enabling your potential clients to read the description of your product from a distance.

– Incorporate emerging trends.
Make an effort to spot any new developments in your industry and incorporate it into your custom acrylic display stands. With the emergence of social media, it is easy to know what is hot and what is not in your line of specialization. For instance, if the scope of your retail shop is electronics, then it is prudent to display the latest electronics in the market in your POS electronic retail acrylic stand, and strategically spread them in your store.

Moreover, you can periodically change the position of your acrylic stands in the shop. Move the displays around to prevent them from becoming stale and normal for repeat customers. This will keep them intrigued and focused. Additionally, regularly update the products in your custom acrylic stand to communicate the depth and variety of your products. For instance, you may use events and holidays to inspire changes in your retail display.

– Communication is important.
The aim of using custom acrylic display stands is to inspire sales conversion rates. Most retailers are tempted to overly include a detailed description of a product on display. This, in most cases, leads to conflicting inputs and a lack of a clear visual strategy to create or spark customer interest. Instead of including unnecessary details in your display product, pull out critical attributes of a product that consumers can see from at least 7 feet away.

Additionally, as a retailer, you must use display stands to communicate utility. Using products that are not in stock, hiding pricing information, or having below quality stock other than the displayed will only ensure that you are missing out on sales opportunity.

Choose a reliable acrylic display supplier

Investment in quality acrylic stands will go a long way in illustrating your commitment to improve revenue in your retail shop. It is therefore important to customize your acrylic display stands to accentuate well with your customer’s preferences and tastes.

At Popai Global, we ensure that your acrylics stands are tailor made and custom designed to fit your display needs, regardless of your market niche. We are acrylic display manufacturers with vast experience in providing all acrylic POS and POP display related products and services. This include the provision of display stands, fixtures, retail graphics, and printing, and signage.

Place an order with us for an express delivery within Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney in Australia, and watch your sales grow tenfold.

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