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Why Your Product Displays Are Not Effective and What to Do About It


Why Your Product Displays Are Not Effective

Despite the robust growth and successes of e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba, brick-and-mortar stores are still popular among most buyers. For instance, Amazon may offer a broader range of products, with excellent services, but the physical and sentimental connections to their customers still lack.

Basically, apart from drawing attention to the products on sale, retail display stands give shoppers a chance to view (and feel) the said products. For store owners, these displays serve to boost sales by driving customer actions. Unfortunately, in-store displays are not always practical due to various reasons, as explained below:

1. You Have Overdone Things
in-store headsets displaysAdding too much detail to a display can distract and confuse the buyer, and possibly drive them away. Things like having different staff members giving personal input to customers, lack of a clear color scheme, and conflicting lighting fall under the “doing too much” tag.

It would be more effective to simplify things. One way is to have a primary focal point for your display. For instance, if it’s an electronics shop, have the main items (phones, computers, etc.) as the main focus and lay out the complementing items (headsets, chargers, etc.) underneath or around them. In short, products that are more likely to catch the eye should take prominent spots.

2. They Lack Visual Variability
Humans are visual creatures, who have an eternal tendency of judging things based on how they appear. One dimensional visuals do not affect human emotions and actions as much as multidimensional visuals do. In this case, one reason why your in-store displays don’t give the outcomes they should is probably because they lack depth and height, which are essential to impacting customer perspectives.

One way to add extra dimensions to your displays is to install retail display racks, that show products from different angles, as opposed to enclosed stands. This is especially important for items like clothes, cookware, and shoes. For other items, you can hang them from the ceiling or use 360 transparent displays.

3. They Don’t Reflect Your Prices
As mentioned earlier, people often attach value to things based on appearance. In retail, disregarding your price points when merchandising products could hurt your sales. For instance, you can’t have goods worth anything over $100 displayed in dingy wooden stands. Very few people will buy highly priced items displayed in a bargain store style.

One way to make your more expensive items appeal to your customers is by displaying them in their own, well-lit corner, separated from the rest of the goods. Additionally, invest in retail display stands that allow you to spread these items out so that there’s enough space between each item. This gives an elegant feel and gives buyers the feels of an art gallery.

4. Too Complex to Be Properly Implemented
digital video displaysIt could be that your displays, on paper, are great ideas but realistically, very complex and difficult to implement. As a consequence, their effectiveness is greatly reduced. For instance, you may want to put up some digital video displays in the middle of your store but have a situation where your electric cables don’t pass through the middle of the building. As a result, you may be forced to have temporary cabling, either on the ceiling or the floor, which could hurt the aesthetics and, in a way, the effectiveness of your displays.

It is therefore essential to first take stock of your prevailing circumstances and create plans that fit in your context. Notably, you may have to axe some of your fancy ideas, but that’s way more cheaper than incorporating some overly complicated designs that won’t make sense.

So, are you looking for quality display stands?

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