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Point of Sale Displays and How They Influence Sales Figures


Point of Sale Displays

The retail industry has massively grown, powered by the globalized market occasioned by a widespread Internet connection. Retailers now have to wade off competition from multinationals, in addition to their local colleagues. It follows then that coming up with innovative and unique product differentiation strategies is the least a retail business can do to survive.

The most common type of product differentiation in the retail market is the point of sale display stands. These are promotional materials placed at checkout counters or around the cashiers, with the view of tempting customers to make purchases as they check out.

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Commonly used Point of Sale display tools include banners, shelves/stands, stickers, banners, posters, and electronic boards. Most businesses use POS display stands to attract attention to new products, to promote special offers or to commemorate special holidays like Christmas and Easter.

Notably, POS stands in most regular outlets are put up and maintained by the particular manufacturer or their sales reps. The case is different with the bigger shops and grocery stores who have leverage with their suppliers and typically use promo materials that fit in with their color schemes and marketing programs.

That being said, here are some important benefits of POS displays to a retail outlet:

Point of Sale Displays1. Helps Buyers Remember
In the midst of worrying about work, school, and family affairs, it’s easy for one to forget that they need a new toothbrush or that their shaving cream is almost over. Strategically placed POS display stands stocked with these items are just what’s needed for most people to remember items they need to replace and subsequently add to their shopping cart. There is also the fact that one has to wait for at least a few seconds to get served and is therefore more likely to look around and notice the items on offer.

2. Encourages Impulse Buying
Cleverly placed POS display stands, especially those marketing cheaper items, are very effective tools for enticing undecided buyers. It is a well-known fact that most people have no clue on what to buy when they go to the store, especially when it comes to foods and beverages.

Their choices are dictated by what’s on offer as well as the presentation and prices. You can bet that if someone’s a bit hungry and is already at the store to buy a light bulb, for instance, they will be tempted to pick up a milkshake or a pie while at the checkout.

3. Increases the Visibility of Smaller Items
Most people will not normally spot smaller items like candy, chocolate, lighters, and toothpaste in a grocery store if the store doesn’t help. POS displays such as suspension shelf signs hung beside the checkout counter are effective ways of attracting the customer’s eye and enticing them to make a quick purchase.

It is also worth noting that POS displays are considerably inexpensive advertising methods and provide retailers with more options on where to locate their products. Detailed POS signage is also a way to supplement product packaging as they offer more information than is found on the packaging.

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Having seen how POS display stands can boost your retail business, be sure to contact us at POPAI Global for quotes on your preferred display materials. We offer a wide variety of Point of Sale and Point of Purchase (POP) products, including but not limited to, electronic displays, dust bins, acrylic shelves, and cardboard stands. As different businesses have different needs, we are flexible in terms of our product sizes, shapes, designs, prices, and raw materials.

Our prices are competitive, and as a large scale manufacturer, we can optimize our processes to fit your budget and business requirements. What more, our production processes are 80% in-house, which means minimal delays and fast deliveries.

Our manufacturing base is in Shenzhen, China, and we have a strong presence in a range of countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. In Australia, we have an extensive distribution network that covers the cities of Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. By choosing our company, you are guaranteed fast delivery of cheap and quality products at no extra cost.

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