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5 Practical Ideas for Retail Displays


5 Practical Ideas for Retail DisplaysIn the retail sector, most people insist on physically inspecting products before they buy. This is why, despite near global Internet penetration, and the extra convenience of e-commerce, a large majority of people still prefer to visit brick-and-mortar stores and shops to do their shopping.

As it is, effective retail displays not only attract attention, but easily converts curious onlookers into buyers as well. This is because good product displays appeal to people’s visual perspective, which in turn drives their actions. To help you improve your store performance, here are 5 effective and practical tips for improving your product displays:

1. Allow People to Touch and Feel Products on Sale
Retail POS DisplayAs mentioned earlier, most people prefer shopping at physical stores as they have an opportunity to see, touch, and feel products before they buy. Hence, you should try to incorporate easy access to products in your retail POS displays.

Get rid, partially or wholly, of enclosed glass displays and instead, embrace open shelves and tables. However, this depends on the nature of your products. Notably, a staff member has to be present while customers touch the products to ensure everything’s okay, which might add up to the overheads, but the benefits are much higher.

2. Cross-merchandise
This basically means diversifying your product range and displaying complementary products near each other. This way, shoppers will be tempted to look at the other items that go with what they already picked, and probably make additional purchases. This is called product discovery. For instance, if you sell phones, you can display some earphones and phone covers in the next shelf or table.

3. Use Your Displays as Teaching Aids
Some products, like most electronics and cookware, may be a bit complex to use, especially for first-time buyers. This may necessitate a thorough guide on how to use them. If you are dealing with such items, your customers will appreciate if your displays include some helpful info on how to use the said products. For instance, you can have a board, or poster above or beside the display with pictures of the items displayed alongside packaging and user information.

4. Have an Awareness of the Seasons
Product diversification is one of the essentials of success in retail. Notably, some products have seasonal demand, and thus it isn’t cost efficient to display them during their off-peak seasons. It is therefore essential to be conscious of the different seasons in your country or region and stock accordingly to boost your sales.

For instance, during the summer, dedicate an entire corner of your store to summer outfits and complementary items such as sunscreen lotions. During back to school seasons, stock up on all relevant items and decorate your displays to reflect the school season. This way, you can take advantage of the economies of scale, and thus be able to offer lower prices and consequently attract more customers to your store.

5. Think About the Kids!
A sizable percentage of the people who go retail shopping have kids, or little siblings, and some times, or most times for the parents, the little ones dictate some of their shopping choices. So, as a retailer, it’s always a good idea to incorporate some children’s stuff in your inventory.

Retail Displays Ideas Kids Toys

If you sell books, make sure to have a small section with kiddie titles. If you’re into electronics, have something like toy phones, cars, etc., in your store. Give people options such that they don’t have to leave your store to go and buy stuff for their kids.

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